st. peter life plans with money back

These are anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package and guarantee money back. An amount equivalent to 20% of the Contract Price based on annual mode of payment shall be returned to the Planholder each year beginning at the end of the 16th year from date of effectivity until the end of the 20th year while the Planholder is still living.

* Note:10% discount will be given for Spot Cash Payment
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Life Plan Agreement.
Please be informed that our Money Back Calculator is only a guide as to when our planholders may receive their 1st Money back payout. It is still best to verify your exact Money Back payout date with a St Peter Life Plan branch nearest to your location

St. John

contract price Php 300,000.00

St. Paul

contract price Php 160,000.00

St. Ferdinand

contract price Php 105,000.00

St. Francis

contract price Php 100,000.00