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Given the challenges faced by the Philippine Pre-Need Industry over the years, this extension is indeed an inspiration, especially to its thousands of planholders and clients nationwide who have entrusted their hard-earned cash in exchange for future memorial services. To reach this maximum life span means that St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. has maintained sound business operations and has complied with government standards and regulations over the years. According to the Corporation Code of the Philippines, "a corporation shall exist for a period not exceeding 50 years from the date of incorporation unless sooner dissolved or unless said period is extended” and that “no extension can be made earlier than five (5) years prior to the original or subsequent expiry date(s) unless there are justifiable reasons for an earlier extension as may be determined by the Securities and Exchange Commission”. St Peter Life Plan, Inc. was incorporated in October 1970. Though its initial term will not expire until October 2020, the company believes that ensuring the continuity and uninterrupted delivery of its products and services to its valued clients and the Filipino people is its responsibility – hence, the early application for renewal of its Articles of Incorporation. Consequently, being extended for another term 3 years earlier implies that St Peter Life Plan, Inc. has the capability and capacity to serve, yet again, the Filipino people, with the same high quality of service, and more in the next 50 years. The company hopes that this extension will instill more confidence and trust in the company among its planholders as well as eliminate the animosity and skepticism of the Filipinos in the Philippine Pre-Need industry. It still has numerous dreams to achieve in terms of progressing the Pre-Need and Funeral Services industries and in improving the quality of life of Filipinos thru its innovative memorial products and services. This corporate life extension will definitely pave the way for St Peter Life Plan to accomplish its mission and realize its vision for its business and the Filipino people. Taking from the certainty of the nature of its business one thing is for sure, St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. is determined to stay strong as the leading Life Plan Company in the Philippines!