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A Celebration of Life: 50 Years of the St. Peter Group

A Celebration of Life: 50 Years of the St. Peter Group celebrates the life and values of founder Francisco M. Bautista, and chronicles the story of the pioneering organization that he built which grew and thrived because of those same values and the ability of the organization to adapt and innovate. It’s also the story of the employees and agents that make and define what the company is all about today—persevering people who, led by servant leadership, founded their work ethos on the values that Bautista bequeathed on them and hence accomplished extraordinary things for themselves, their families, and their country.

In telling its story, the St. Peter Group hopes to instill in all its employees, agents, and planholders the pride and enthusiasm that will guarantee even more successes over what it has already achieved in an industry that it has uplifted through innovation and an abiding philosophy of always putting God and its customers first.